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Sell Used ECUS



Collections: ECUs and Electronics, Xenocron

Vendor: Xenocron

Tags: ECU






Have some old ECU's laying around? Want to make some extra cash by searching local junkyards for used ECU's? We here at Xenocron will gladly purchase them from you!

We are always looking to purchase used Honda/Acura ECU cores, both OBD1 & OBD2. Price(s) paid vary on the ECU being traded in as well as condition of the unit (see the pricelist below). We test all ECU's we receive prior to payment being made.


Ready to sell? Follow the instructions below!:



  • Add this item to your cart
  • Follow checkout instructions and fill out your information
  • As this is a $0.00 item, you will not be charged nor will you be asked to enter any payment information. This is process is necessary for us to be aware that you will sending in your ECU(s) to us and also allows us to have the relevant information to contact you for payment or issues after we test your ECU(s).
  • Ship your ECU(s) to us with a copy of your order summary in the box to the follow address:
Xenocron Tuning Solutions
379 Spook Rock Rd (J502)
Suffern, NY 10901


  • As stated above, once we receive your ECU(s), we will test it for functionality, and then contact you for payment preference/any issues.
  • Payment can be dispersed via PayPal, Bank Check, or Store Credit. If you choose to receive Store Credit, you will receive an additional 10% in credits.