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Precision Turbo V-Band Clamp - 3 5/8"



Collections: Fabrication, Forced Induction, Precision Turbo

Vendor: Precision Turbo

Tags: Clamps and Flanges, Fabrication, Forced Induction



Making sure you have the proper clamp mated to your turbo shouldn't be an afterthought. To help facilitate installation and removal, make sure you use genuine Precision Turbo & Engine V-Band or T-Bolt clamps.


This PTE V-Band Clamp features the following:

• Provides a uniform, positive seal

• Manufactured from durable, corrosion resistant stainless steel

• Recommended V-Band clamp for the turbine discharge on a PTE V-Band inlet/outlet turbine housing

• Recommended V-Band clamp for PTE T4 turbine housings with a 3 5/8" V-Band discharge

Don't waste your energy struggling with a lesser quality part. Precision's clamps are designed to save you time and money!

Precision Part # 071-1029