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TunerView II LCD Large Dash Kit




Collections: ECUs and Electronics, Neptune Engine Management

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Vendor: Neptune

Tags: Dash, Electronics, Honda



*** The new Demon 2 requires a different module than the original Demon. Please take note of which unit you have before ordering this display to ensure you get the correct module***


Large Dash Unit Includes TunerView Dash Unit, USB Cable, Data Cable, 4 Screws/nuts, 2 Buttons (Only One Is Absolutely Necessary!)

A Universal DIN mounting plate can be selected from the drop-down menu for an additional fee.

Dash Unit Features

  • Large, Bright, Easily Readable Display.
  • Install It Anywhere In Your Dash, Cluster, Or Any Other Spot You Can Think Of.
  • Presoldered Wires For Buttons Which Includes Quick Disconnects For Easy Installation.
  • Upgradable Firmware For Expanding Featureset.
  • Daisy Chain Multiple TunerView II LCDs To Display Different Data At Once (Case Or Dash Kit).
  • Daisy Chain A TunerView I To The TunerView II (NepTune And eCtune Only).
  • Datalog Through The TunerView With NepTune, NepTune RTP, eCtune, Crome (Crome Pro and Freelog Compatible).
  • Larger Processor For Even More Future Capabilities.
  • Completely Rewritten To Be Even More Efficient.
  • Backlight Adjustment (For Blue LCD Only. Yellow/Green Will Stay Lit Constantly.).
  • Sleep Mode.
  • Disable Injectors For Security (NepTune RTP Only).
  • Now Natively Supports Hondata S300 and K-Pro With Controller Module ($50 Module).
  • Supports NepTune, NepTune RTP, eCtune, Crome, and Uberdata (See below).
  • 7 Data Pages - One Large Item Or Up To 8 Small Items Per Page. Add Spaces To Group Items.
  • Peak Values - AFR, Duty Cycle, ECT, IAT, MAP, RPM, TPS, and VSS.
  • Settings For Celsius And KPH.
  • Check And Clear Error Codes On All OBD1 Systems. K-Pro Supports Clearing Codes Only.
  • BlueTooth Wireless Add-On Available For Wireless Setup And Datalogging.
  • Multiple LCD Colors Available!

For Uberdata, please install the Crome P72 datalogging script or install the new Uberdata logging script available here:

Available in Blue (Supports brightness control):

Yellow/Green (Does not support brightness control - always on full):




***There are no instructions with this unit, Please visit the following link to reach the help site***




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