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T1 Oh Shit! Knob




Collections: Accessories, Interior, T1 Race Development

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Vendor: T1 Race

Tags: Accessories, Interior



We've all been there. We've all done it. You just got that new eBay short-shifter kit for your hatch...and you can't wait to install it, hit the road, and bang some gears. So you slap it on and burn rubber. Ready to harness every last one of the horses connected to your right foot, you mash the gas and hear that sweet sound of VTEC. You ride it out, bounce revs, slam 2nd, slide it into 3rd, pull 4th and the adrenaline is pumpin'. All of a sudden you're Schumacher in his prime. But then the party stops. Because wait...was that fourth? I'm pretty sure that was fourth. It sure felt like 4th. Please tell me that was 4th. But did you hear all that noise though? Is that what I thought it was? Yup, I'm pretty sure that was definitely the sound of 12,000 rpm's. But this is a D-series. And unless your name is Bisi, your D-series doesn't spin to 12k. Clutch in, and let it unwind. Then reality sets in...that wasn't 4th. That was 2nd. Nice job, Schumi. Luckily nobody saw. Or heard. You may have bent a few valves. But it's cool. At least you kept your rep, bro. Plus you know T1 keeps D15 valves in stock, so you can just give 'em a call in the morning right? Cool. Hit us up. And when you do...make sure you get the shift knob you just earned.


After many minutes of rigorous testing (on both the street and strip), T1 Race Development is happy to introduce the new 'Oh Shit! Knob'. We were going to wait until the SEMA show in November to debut it, but we just couldn't wait. The world can't wait. This knob was designed for those who are short on hand-eye-feet coordination (you know who you are!) and need to be constantly reminded of it. It was engineered to have the non-traditional shift pattern you're used to. That's right...1 - 2 - 3 - 2 - 5. We can also confirm that it works on both right and left hand drive cars (for all you JDMers out there!) It'll have you shiftin' madd fast in no time, yo!! And remember...if you can't find it, grind it!