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Synchrotech Honda/Acura Premium Brass Rebuild Kit



Collections: Drivetrain/ Transmission, Synchrotech

Vendor: Synchrotech

Tags: Drivetrain, Honda



Synchrotech Honda/Acura Brass Rebuild Kit

This kit includes - Brass Synchro Set, Synchro Springs, and Bearing and Seal.

Part Numbers:

B-Series Rebuild Kits

  • BSK-SYN101B- 94-01 Honda/Acura ITR/GSR/B16
  • BSK-SYN101B-YS1-92-93 Honda/Acura GSR/B16 YS1
  • BSK-SYN103B-88-91 Honda/Acura B16 S1/Y1
  • BSK-SYN105B-89-91 Honda/Acura B16 A1/J1/Y2
  • BSK-SYN107B-YS1-92-93 Honda/Acura B18 LS YS1
  • BSK-SYN107B-94-01 Honda/Acura B18B LS
  • H-Series Rebuild Kits

  • BSK-SYN109B- Honda Prelude H22 M2Y4/M2F4/M2A4
  • BSK-SYN109EB- Honda Euro R Accord U2Q7/T2W4
  • D-Series Rebuild kits

  • BSK-SYN111B-D15-89-00 D15 Civic SOHC
  • BSK-SYN111B-D16-89-00 D16 Civic SOHC
  • BSK-SYN111B-D16ZC-89-95 D16 Civic DOHC ZC
  • F-Series Rebuild Kits

  • BSK-SYN115B- 92-02 Honda Accord F22 (Single Cone 2nd)
  • BSK-SYN115-3B-92-02 Honda Accord F22/H23(Dual Cone 2nd)