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Moates Socket Booster 1.0




The Socket Booster improves the signal conditioning at your chip or emulation socket. This is an active circuit which boosts the address and data information to and from your target ECU. This is a great fix for that flickering SES light on the old GM TBI setups (747, etc). Drives the information more cleanly across the ribbon cable, allowing longer cable runs (3+ feet). Facilitates both remote emulation (when used with Ostrich 2.0) or remote-mount chip installation (when used with EMUC-series emulation cable and Chip Extender 1.0 with optional S2 socket available separately).

The unit mounts where your chip would normally go in the ECU. You can solder it in directly or snap it into a machine-tooled or large-level ZIF socket (may need to bend handle slightly). Then, you snap down into the top of it with either a chip, emulation cable, or ZIF. If using a ZIF, you may need an additional 28-pin DIP (see product D2) to allow for good spacing away from the switch.

The switch is to select between 24 or 28 pin modes in terms of target device requirements. All orientations are clearly marked on the PCB.

Please note: The socket booster is REQUIRED for successful use of the Ostrich 2.0 with 24-pin applications such as the GM TBI OBD1 C3 1227747 ECUs.

Also note: This product can be used as a replacement for the G2, since it can be applied as a 24-to-28-pin adapter/booster.