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Replace Q31 Transistor




This is a service fee to diagnose and ATTEMPT to repair an OBD1 HONDA ECU where the Q31 Transistor has been burned due to a wiring issue in the vehicle. We will check over your ECU and test it out to verify the problems specific to the Q31 transistor. Price includes the cost of the replacement transistor.

If the ECU is easily repairable there will be no extra fee required except return shipping to you. We will repair the ECU and ship it back to you if the order is paid in full including return shipping.

If the ECU is not easily repairable or completely fried, I will notify you immediately and go over what next steps can be taken and what replacement solutions we can provide.

To be clear, we cannot guarantee we are able to fix the ECU and replace the Q31 back to 100% working order, but we will do everything possible to make that happen.