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Xenocron Remote Oil Pressure Tee Kit




This kit will allow you to retain your stock honda oil pressure sending unit while adding additional oil supply ports. By utilizing a 24" oil line to place the tee(s) and sender(s) away from the motor, this unit reduces the stress on the block and fittings. This reduces the chance of a fitting breaking in the block.

Using the included extra tee and/or plug, the kit can be configured to have one, two, or three ports. This facilitates the use of a turbo or LS/VTEC feed line (not included) in addition to your stock sending unit and an aftermarket unit as well.

This kit includes the proper fittings to screw into the sending unit port on most Honda blocks as well as the correct fitting for attaching your stock sending unit to the tee. No more mashing the wrong fittings together!!

A 54" long (3/16" ID) turbo feed line and/or a .063" oil restrictor can be used with this product.  You can find them on this website.

*unit comes partially assembled for shipping purposes only (to protect the threads) and must be re-assembled with teflon tape before use*