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Race Spec K-Series Engine Harness Connector Kit




Collections: ECUs and Electronics, Race Spec

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Vendor: RaceSpec

Tags: Electronics, Honda, K-Series



Honda K-Series Engine Harness Connector Kit.  This kit was designed to be used when you are terminating your own complete engine harness.

This kit includes:


  • (4) K-Series Coil Connectors
  • (5) 3 Pos Connectors (K20 Crank Sensor, Intake & Exhaust Cam, TPS, MAP
  • (3) 2 Pos Connectors (IAT, ECT, VTC)
  • (1) K-Series VTEC Connector
  • (1) K-Series VTEC Pressure Switch Connector (Round 2 pos)
  • (1) K-Series Knock Connector
  • (1) OBD2 Alternator Connector
  • (1) Reverse Light Connector
  • (1) Honda VSS Connector

Please make your choice of injectors to be used from the following drop down menu items.

***Special note, you must use a K20 Crank Sensor, this kit does not support K24 crank sensors***