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Race Spec K-Series Engine Harness Connector Kit



Collections: ECUs and Electronics, Race Spec

Vendor: RaceSpec

Tags: Electronics, Honda, K-Series



Honda K-Series Engine Harness Connector Kit.  This K20 kit was designed to be used when you are terminating your own complete engine harness. For more Honda K20 products, check out our K20A2 oil pump kit to increase your car's performance even more. 

This kit includes:


  • (4) K-Series Coil Connectors
  • (5) 3 Pos Connectors (K20 Crank Sensor, Intake & Exhaust Cam, TPS, MAP
  • (3) 2 Pos Connectors (IAT, ECT, VTC)
  • (1) K-Series VTEC Connector
  • (1) K-Series VTEC Pressure Switch Connector (Round 2 pos)
  • (1) K-Series Knock Connector
  • (1) OBD2 Alternator Connector
  • (1) Reverse Light Connector
  • (1) Honda VSS Connector

Please make your choice of injectors to be used from the following drop down menu items.

***Special note, you must use a K20 Crank Sensor, this wire harness connector kit does not support K24 crank sensors***