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Race Spec Honda B/H Series Coil On Plug Ignition Loom



Collections: ECUs and Electronics, Race Spec

Vendor: RaceSpec

Tags: B-Series, Electronics, H-Series



The Race Spec Honda B/H Series Coil On Plug Ignition loom provides a cost effective ignition solution for high horsepower applications.  This allows you to add a T1 Trigger Cam/Crank Sensor and Coil On Plug K-Series Smart Coils to your setup that is using a standalone ECU (Haltech, Motec, AEM, ECU Master, etc).  This will not work with an OEM ECU (Hondata, Neptune, Crome, etc).

Designed to be used with a T1 Cam Trigger kit and Honda K-Series ignition coils, this combination has been proven to support over 250hp per cylinder. With over 100 kits built, we are glad to fully back this statement!


  • Shielded ref/sync circuit
  • Genuine mating connectors
  • Simple Installation (terminated for Motec/Haltech, but can be used with others)
  • Shared technique and standards with our professional level looms relied on by record setters worldwide