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Race Spec D.I.Y. Fused Relay Box




Introducing the Race-Spec FRB is now available!

This unique kit allows any end user to implement a proper 12V-16V fused relay system into their vehicle in the easiest fashion. With a simple 12V Constant lead coming in, we supply everything else needed to get your auxiliary components properly hooked up! Compact, functional, and easily adaptable, it doesn't get much better. These units when assembled properly are fully sealed. Includes:

(5) Fused 35AMP Relays, (5) Aux Fused Outputs

(10) 18-20AWG Contacts, Seals

(10) 14-16AWG Contacts, Seals

(10) 12-14AWG Contacts, Seals

These are also expandable and adaptable to almost any application!

Kit shown is designed for the basic drag car, supplying fused outputs for ECU, IGN, Water-pump, Fan, and Track Light. Can be fitted for any virtually any use. Unless you are running a smaller pump (i.e. walbro 255lph, aeromotive 340lph, etc),a higher flowing pump with minimal amp draw (i.e. Weldon 2345, Bosch 044, etc), or are knowledgeable of your pump's amp draw and wiring fundamentals, we recommend to utilize our Race-Spec Fuel Pump Install Kit in addition to this for superior performance. Don't forget, you'll need a switch panel to be able to turn your components on/off.


• Everything included for the D.I.Y.'er

• Requires a 'W' Style Crimp Tool

• Advanced wiring knowledge recommended