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Precision Turbo 225 lb/hr Fuel Injector Set




Collections: Fueling (Fuel Systems), Precision Turbo

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Vendor: Precision Turbo

Tags: Fueling, Honda, Injectors



Precision part # PFU041-2250 (set of 4)

This is a set of four 225lb/hr (roughly 2362.5 cc) "domestic" pencil-style injectors that are compatible with all fuels. They are a great option for someone who needs a very large injector on a budget.

These injectors are 14mm at the rail end, the same as factory K-series injectors. Since they are longer than the factory injectors, they will require a bit of customization to the rail and/or its mounting points. If you need these for a B-series or other application that uses an 11mm injector, contact us for pricing and availability.

PRECISION TURBO brand fuel injectors are individually hand selected, flow checked, and matched to within 1% of each other for optimum performance from your vehicle.

These are ordered as needed, please contact us for availability if you are in a rush.