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Rywire OBD1 Tuner Harness



Collections: ECUs and Electronics, Rywire

Vendor: Rywire

Tags: Conversion Harness, Electronics, Honda



This harness allows you to tap into all major sensors, power (12v) and ground on the ECU as well as send a Wideband voltage signal to the ECU without splicing into the customers harness. One side plugs into the stock OBD1 harness ECU plugs, the other side plugs into an OBD1 ECU. (pass thru harness)

As a tuner, this can easily save you 20 minutes of wiring/setup time and also tear down (no heat shrinking or electrical tape on wires you had to tap into.

Personally I use this to power my LM-1 when I tune. Can easily be used with the RPM Convertor to tap into the stock 0-5v sensor wires

The pigtail has the following included for easy access with add-ons or a simple volt meter:

* Power(12v)
* TPS (Throttle Position Sensor)
* ECT (Engine Coolant Temp)
* O2 Signal Input
* IAT (Intake Air Temp)
* MAP (Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor)
* Ground .

As always, our harnesses are guaranteed for life!