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Moates Nissan 2-Chip Adapter




This adapter allows you to connect to a 2x20 IDC pin header in a Nissan ECU. It accepts two 27SF512 chips (available separately).

Can also be used with two Ostriches for realtime capability. With this adapter, you program both chips with the same full code, no odd/even splitting needed.

At this point, there are only one version of the boards, 1.1nm


These boards are designed for S13 and B13 applications. They will NOT work with S14a ECUs that have a 20x2 pin header. They will not work with late S14/N14/etc. ECUs that have a 40x1 header. Known good applications:

S13 Silvia RWD "Red top" SR20DET (i.e. 62, E5, etc.) 240 swaps, etc.

S13 Silvia RWD "Black top" SR20DET NON VVTI (VVTI motors not supported) 240SX, etc.

S13 240SX KA24DE twin cam engine US Engine

B13 Sentra FWD SR20DE Sentra, etc.

U13 Bluebird SR20DET