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Neptune RTP w/ OBD1 ECU and Tunerview RD2 Dash




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Vendor: Package Kit

Tags: Dash, Honda, Package Kit



This Package Includes:

  • Neptune Demon RTP Installed into OBD1 ECU
  • Tunerview RD2 with Cable


  • Neptune RTP

  • Beautiful 3D Beveled interface.
  • User Friendly Toolbars with the options you need most.
  • Real-Time Datalogging Of Sensor Data, Inputs, Outputs, and ECU Data.
  • On Board Logging With Lossless Compression To Allow 3 To 5 Times The Regular Amount Of Data To Be Recorded. Offers Up To 12 Hours Of Datalogging Time With Compression Enabled.
  • Datalog Playback, Save, and Export to CSV.
  • Datalog Trimming.
  • Datalog Commenting For Later Review or Sharing With A Tuner.
  • Graphing Of Sensor Information With Real-Time Values and Live Scrub (Dragging with mouse).
  • Live Graphing Of Real-Time Sensor Trends.
  • AND MORE!!
  • Tunerview RD2

    Color Display, Touchscreen, User Configurable Displays, and Progressive Shift Lights are just a handful of new features on the new Tunerview RD2!

  • 5 Inch Color TFT w/ Touch Screen
  • 9 Programmable LEDs, Full Color RGB
  • LEDs Allow Programmable Gradient And Intensity From Start To Finish Value
  • LED Warnings For Values Above Or Below Threshold
  • CNC Aluminum Case, Anodized Black
  • Configurable Layouts – Options Definable Via Touch
  • 4 Programmable Pages Per Layout
  • 4GB SD Card (High Capacity Logging)
  • 1 x CAN Controller Interface For Aftermarket ECUs and OBD2 CAN Communication
  • 1 x Digital Input (Expansion)
  • 3 x Programmable Analog Inputs
  • AND MORE!!!!