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KTUNER User Board: 04-06 TSX/ Euro CL9




Collections: ECUs and Electronics, KTUNER

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Vendor: KTuner

Tags: Electronics, Honda, K-Series



KTUNER V1 USER Board is released and available with new features!

Today our KTunerECU In-ECU hardware for RSX/Swaps/EP3, 03-07 Accord i4, Euro-R Accord CL7/CL9, TSX, and 05-06 Element gets a much anticipated refresh. Our revision 1 hardware includes:

  • All of the standard features of the revision 0 hardware.
  • On Board Logging 8MB (10-100Hz adjustable logging rates).
  • Direct Flex Fuel input with support for ethanol content and fuel temperature. See below for release details.
  • Four (4) Analog inputs for 0-5v sensor signals.
  • Two (2) Speed inputs for VR and HALL sensors. Currently for monitoring only, this will lead to a free update with built-in traction control!
  • A peripheral port for bluetooth, LCD displays, and future add-ons. The bluetooth add-on makes this system compatible with the TunerView Android app. iOS is in the pipeline for a future release.

The RSX/EP3/Swap platform will be the first to receive access to flex fuel support. All other In-ECU platforms will receive updates to add this feature-set soon.

KTuner for 04-06 TSX with manual transmission. Automatic transmission support is currently still in testing.

This initial release supports naturally aspirated tuning only. Forced induction support will be released shortly.

What’s required?
• A KTuner prepped ECU. The factory TSX ECU cannot be used, as it does not have the pinouts required for our hardware. Our KTuner ECU is a direct bolt-in replacement for the factory ECU and does not require any additional wiring. You can keep your factory ECU for emissions testing if you choose.

Will anything change?
• VSA is less aggressive.
• Cruise control is currently not supported. This may change as we look into that functionality more.
• By using a different ECU the immobilizer light on the dashboard will flash. You can disable the immobilizer in the software and unplug the immobilizer unit to prevent flashing on the dashboard or you can have the ECU sync’d to your immobilizer at any Honda/Acura dealer.

For more application-specific information, please take a look at the 04-06 TSX / Euro CL9 Page