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KTUNER 05-06 RSX Base Reflash



Collections: KTUNER

Vendor: KTuner

Tags: Els PW 15228, Honda, K-Series



RSX Base Reflash

05-06 KTuner RSX Base Model Reflashes (Individual dyno results will vary from dyno to dyno):

Where can you get it?
Any of our dealers listed on the dealers page.

What will it cost?
$295 if you send in your factory 05-06 ECU. Subject to shipping charge and dealer fees for socketing your ECU.
$449 including a compatible ECU so you can keep your factory ECU for emissions purposes.

Is there any upgrade path?
Absolutely. You’ll receive a discount on the tunable version of KTuner when you upgrade through the same dealer.

05-06 Base Model reflash for Automatic or Manual transmission:

Completely Stock. Expect gains of 10-12WHP from 2000-3700 RPM and 3-4WHP above 3700 RPM on a completely stock vehicle.

06 RSX Base Auto

Customer Reviews:

First off, after driving around for a few days I am really pleased with how nice the shifting feels. No lag or anything like that, just nice firm shifts. Second thing i noticed was the throttle response was much better. After I installed my CAI, I was disappointed with my low end torque.. but now I rev through the low RPM`s like a breeze. Overall, the car feels much happier and healthier, and is absolutely more fun to drive. – soupy42


Base Reflash:

I have recently ordered the ktuner reflash from you and had it done and i just wanted to give you some feedback since i did not see a spot to write review on your website. I am disappointed in myself for not doing this reflash sooner and hesitating on getting it done. The car feels completley different, but in a good way. The low end power is spot on and does not lag like i used too. The midrange and upper rpms's opened up alot and you can tell the difference when getting on the freeway. i am really happy on my purchase with the reflash and if i could rate your service it would be a 5 out of 5 because you were there to help with questions that i have had while ordering the tune. Thank you again for the product and service.
Have a great day, Nick L