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KS Tuned H/F Series Balance Shaft Elimination Kit




KS Tuned's Balance Shaft Eliminator kit is the only kit in the world and includes every component necessary to eliminate the balance shafts in your H- or F- series engine.

This kit includes:

-Billet aluminum blockoff plate

-Billet aluminum crankshaft spacer

-All necessary plugs to maintain and increase oil pressure by blocking balance shaft bearings (without removing them)

-Billet aluminum plugs for the oil pump

-Step-by-step illustrated instructions

*Uses OEM oil pump

*100% compatible with H23 manual tensioner conversion

KST-0002 is compatible with H22a, H22a1 and H23 NON VTEC

KST-0008 is compatible with H22a4, F22a, F22a1 and H23 VTEC

A billet aluminum spacer for the Idler Pulley stud is available to replace the unused balance shaft pulley. This can be added to your order using the drop-down menu above.

Product instructions are available in our Tech Center or on YouTube by following this link:

Balance shaft Elimination Instructional Video