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Add this to your cart if you will be sending in a KPRO ECU and need us to SWAP the KPRO from a bad ECU to a good ECU. Make sure you send the old ECU and KPRO along with the new, untouched replacement ECU you want the KPRO installed into.  You must supply the ECU as the price of this item is for the service only.

Once your order is placed, we will hold your order until your items arrive here.

Please see our SHIPPING INFORMATION Page for instructions on how to send in your parts to us.

You must include a working STOCK (unmodified) KPRO Compatible ECU with your order, and your old ECU with KPRO. It is possible that both your ECU and KPRO are damaged. If we find this to be the case once your items arrive here, we will call you with options which may include additional charges for replacement by Hondata and shipping charges incurred.

Please call before placing your order if you have any questions!