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K-Series Ultimate Timing Fail-Safe Package




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This is our Ultimate Timing Fail-safe Package for K-Series applications. This package includes:


  • - InlinePRO K-Series Race Spec Timing Chain Tensioner

  • - Drag Cartel Upgraded K-series Crank Timing Gear and Pulse Plate


  • - Drag Cartel K Series Timing Chain Guide

    The InlinePRO Timing Tensioner has been tested by some of the fastest K series engines one the planet and this is the solution to your faulty timing chain tensioner related issues. Big Cams, Small Cams, Street Engine's, Race Engines, Turbo or All Motor our tensioner will keep your engine safe.

      Drag Cartel Crank Timing Gear and Pulse Plate - Factory K-Series Timing Chain Gears on higher HP turbocharged or all-motor applications have a higher risk of the timing chain gear to break its positioning dowel pin causing your engine to lose timing and potentially do major damage to the engine in this occurrence. The JBR Engines modified Crank Timing gear solves this problem by modifying the factory gear to be looked in place using a crank keyway.

    The DRAG CARTEL Lower Timing Chain Guide provides two functions:

  • Replaces the OEM lower chain guide.
  • Prevents timing chain slippage off the crank pulley chain gear when performing a cam swap.

    If you're a K-Series head, you know about the keeping the timing chain held up when performing a cam swap and how much of a pain it is when it does slip!