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Inline Fuel Filter Kit




This kit includes a K-tuned inline filter and fittings to install it in place of your factory fuel filter.

Kit contents:

K-tuned -6AN inline fuel filter

1x 5/16" hard line to -6AN female fitting

1x 90 degree -6AN fitting

1x 45 degree -6AN fitting

4ft braided steel -6AN hose

An additional fitting to connect the kit to your fuel rail can be selected from the drop-down menu above. If you already have a -6AN male fitting at the end of your rail then no additional fitting needs to be selected.

This is a "universal" kit so please look at the kit contents and see if they will suit your application. If not, feel free to contact us to check our stock of other fittings to suit your needs. Not all cars use a 5/16" hardline but it is very common, so please check your hardline if you are not sure.