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Hondata Dealer FlashPRO Reflash



Collections: ECUs and Electronics, Hondata Accessories

Vendor: Hondata Accessories

Tags: ECU, Honda



This is a service we perform in-house in our location in Suffern, NY using our Hondata DEALER FlashPRO device.  The $350 covers our time and a license fee that we pay to Hondata to license and flash your supported application with a BUILT-IN or Customer Supplied Hondata FlashPRO File.  Only files built-in to the software or a file supplied by you are covered.  This does NOT include custom tuning or basemap services.

To see the list of applications available, you must go to, find your application to make sure it is supported, and double check that your ECU part # is supported as well.  If you fail to do this on your own, there are NO REFUNDS on this service.  We will not be responsible for looking this up or verifying you have a correct application for this must do this on your own. 

You must also make an APPOINTMENT for this service.  If you have already made an appointment, then you can order this service and enter your appointment DATE and TIME in the comments box at checkout.  If you have not made an appointment, please CONTACT US us first to do so.

Purchasing this service indicates that you have performed this check and you are responsible for verifying your application and that you understand and accept there are no refunds on this service after you have placed your order.

Our Address is located at the bottom of our page.  This is the location where we perform this service.  You must bring your WHOLE RUNNING VEHICLE to our facility, not just the ECU.  If you have a battery, charging or alternator issue...please let the tuner know this before he hooks up to your vehicle.  Make sure you bring a copy of your order or confirmation with you to your appointment.  When you arrive for your appointment, call us from outside and someone will come out to meet you at your car.