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HondaRulez Coil On Plug (COP) Mini Complete Kit




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The HondaRulez COP mini complete kit with RaceSpec Harness for OBD1 Honda Civic/Integra ECU's.

The HondaRulez Coil-on-plug kit is a tuning solution for removing the OBD1 Distributors Ignitor and Coil (which tend to fail) and utilizing Honda K-Series Coils directly into each cylinder.

The HondaRulez kit is able to be used on ANY OBD1 Civic/Integra ECU, even the stock ECU, plus it fits inside of the ECU Case and Cover.

The hardware installs inside the OBD1 ECU, and the harness (produced by Race Spec) allows you to easily install individual coils.  We have other options to include the Coils and a Coil Plate Holder for some specific applications as well.

What is included with the kit?
  • HondaRulez mini unit (circuit board in photo)
  • Installation kit (includes header pin strip, nylon screw with spacer and nut, wires)
  • Race Spec Coil on plug harness (plugs into HondaRulez mini unit at ECU and each coil on the other end).

What ignition coils should be used?

This kit is meant to be used with K-Series Coils from the 02-04 RSX-s, but the same connector is used on D17 Coils, which can be used on some SOHC D-Series Applications when going Coil-On-Plug

Installation Options

If you would like to install this kit into your own ECU, choose the DIY (do-it-yourself) option.  If you would like us to install it into your ECU for you, choose the option for Customer Supplied ECU and then follow this link for sending in your ECU for Service

For the wiring harness provided, Pin #1 on the DT connector is 12 volt coil power, and Pin #2 is Tacho Output.