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Haltech GaugeART CAN to VGA video Gauge Adapter



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Vendor: Haltech

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Haltech GaugeART CAN to VGA video Gauge Adapter - Suits Haltech CAN bus protocol

The gaugeART Video Gauge Adapter allows real time monitoring of vehicle engines. The system interfaces with Haltech’s ECU and produces a video signal which can then be displayed on a video monitor such as an in-car navigation system, aftermarket double DIN stereo or a separate LCD display.

What displays are compatible with gaugeART:

There are three standard video connection types: VGA, HDMI, and composite. VGA is the standard connection type used by gaugeART, and will give the best quality. Most stand alone displays have a VGA input. Most in-dash navigation systems do not have a VGA input and must use a HDMI or composite video converter. HDMI will give the best quality display of the two. Displays using only a composite input will appear not as sharp as a VGA or HDMI input.

Displays with a VGA input & 800×480 resolution will offer the best quality images. However, other resolution displays can be used as long as the display is compatible with a 800×480 resolution input. Make sure that the display you intend to use is compatible with the 800×480 resolution video signal before purchasing. Many displays offer the ability to adjust scaling in their settings. You should also select a display that turns on automatically with ignition power so that the power button does not need to be pressed every time the car is turned on.

In-dash navigation systems: Models with HDMI are preferred as the gaugeART display quality will be much higher than with composite. An inexpensive adapter is required to use a composite or HDMI input.