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Moates G2 Memory Adapter: 0.60" Leg Spacing




The G2 adapter allows you to integrate new series of flash chips in many GM TBI applications. If the original application accepted a 24-pin chip such as a 2732A, then this adapter will allow you to upgrade to new Flash chips such as the AT29C256 and 27SF512.

This G2 will work if your orginal ECM had a leg spacing of 0.60".

Some ECM's were factory installed with leg spacing of 0.45", others ECM's were factory installed with 0.60" leg spacing.

In order to accurately process your order, you will need to verify which version of the G2 your ecu is compatible with.

Comes with everything you need to replace your stock chip holder with a standardized 28-pin chip socket that is compatible with the newer Flash chips.