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Moates G1 Memory Adapter: TPI ETC..



Collections: ECUs and Electronics, Moates

Vendor: Moates

Tags: Electronics, GM




Moates' revolutionary G1 adapter allows you to customize your ecu or pcm by bypassing your factory tuning, and allowing you to insert your own custom programmed chip without the hassle of tearing apart your stock memcal. This can be useful if you plan on returning your car back to stock, or need to use your stock memcal as a template for a newly modified ecu.

The G1 Works with many different GM chipped EFI applications including:

- 1986-1993 TPI & LT1

- 94/95 TBI trucks

And accepts the following chips:

- EPROM 27C128/256/512

- 29C256/27SF512 FLASH