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Xenocron Fuel Pump Relay Kit



Collections: Fueling (Fuel Systems), Xenocron

Vendor: Xenocron

Tags: Fueling



New and Improved!!!

After the initial success of our fuel pump relay kit, we decided to improve it a bit for even better functionality and a cleaner install than before. We now include a better relay with a socket and terminals to wire directly to it, reducing the amount of connections in the kit.

Help your fuel pump run at its full potential with our upgraded fuel pump relay kit.

This kit allows you to hook up the power to your factory or aftermarket internal/external fuel pump directly from the battery or alternator on your vehicle. Doing this will give you the most current possible to power your fuel pump(s) in applications that need more out of the pump.

A good idea for any car pushing the limits of a Walbro or similar in-tank fuel pump or a necessity for the install of an inline fuel pump like the Bosch 044.

All installations are different, this kit isn't guaranteed to have the EXACT parts you might need for your installation, call or email us if you need more info.

Fuel Pump Relay Kit Includes:
  • Relay and Socket
  • 12AWG Wire - 10' Red (+) and 2' Black (-)
  • Connectors for a typical Honda/Acura In-tank Setup