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FCS FWD Engine Containment Device



Collections: Engine

Vendor: FCS

Tags: Engine



FCS has finally released their Front Wheel Drive (FWD) Engine Containment Device!

This engine containment devices are NHRA Approved and Recommended and will allow you the simplest option for containing any engine fluid that might escape your Engine or Transmission while racing at the track.

Many race organizers and tracks are now asking and sometimes requiring that you use an Engine Containment Device so as to limit oil downs and down time at track events. Don't BE THAT GUY that oils down the track at your next local event!

These engine containment devices easily allow you to attach this device quickly and easily, allow you an extremely low profile and make it so you can detach the device easily as well for normal street driving.

PLEASE NOTE: Every engine/trans/exhaust configuration can be different and these are a one size fits all design and these are not application specific so there will be no returns for the reason of "it doesnt fit."

Wholesale Inquiries are Welcome!