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Rywire OBD0 to OBD1 ECU Conversion Harness




Collections: ECUs and Electronics, Rywire

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Vendor: Rywire

Tags: Conversion Harness, Electronics, Honda



Convert your 1988-1991 civic/crx and 1990-1991 Integra to run any OBD1 1992-1995 ecu. Requirements: All civic/crx models must either be a SI or HF or a MPFI(Multi Point Fuel Injection) converted car. DX and Standard models that are DPFI (Dual Point Fuel Injection) must be converted to MPFI for this conversion to work properly. This conversion is primarily made for a 5 speed chassis. You will need an OBD1 ecu, distributor and a 4 wire O2 sensor.

All harnesses come with detailed instructions for an easy installation. Also included with the harness is a quick disconnect connector that will allow you to feed the sensor wires through the firewall easily. All sensor wires are color coordinated for an easy installation.