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DIY - Swapbox K-Series Immobilizer Disable




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Vendor: DocTronics

Tags: Electronics, Honda, K-Series



This is the "Swapbox" K-Series Immobilizer Delete box designed for use when swapping a stock K-Series motor into your vehicle. The unit has immo-bypass AND multiplexer error removed so it should run like a stock vehicle for you.

The connections are easy and simple and instructions are included with the unit.

These items are IN STOCK and shipping immediately! Please call with any questions!

Swapbox-K comes with: Mobilizer Module, two splice terminals and two precrimped Contacts for the connector E.

Tools neccassary to install: Very small screwdriver (to unlock the Connector E), a midsize pliers (to crimp).

Known compatible ECU's: PLM, PLR, PND, PNF, PRA, PRB, PPA