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Crome Pro License




Collections: ECUs and Electronics

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Vendor: Tune With Crome

Tags: ECU



This item is for payment for a Single User Crome PRO License.

Crome PRO opens up the datalogging features within Crome PRO so that you may tune your own car using this software and other DIY hardware we carry.

Besides the creator of Crome (John Cui of, we are the only other authorized distributor of software licenses for Crome PRO.

Please download and install Crome from the links below BEFORE placing your order. Include the SERIAL ID# from within Crome (Help --> Register) in the COMMENTS section when checking out.


Latest versions of the software available for download here:

Password for Crome ZIP files is ""

Replacement License Policies

Each purchase entitles the original purchaser to (2) additional backup PRO licenses. These are designed in case of laptop failure and replacement license (if the correct information is given when requesting) will be given in 24-72 hours depending on the day of the week. It is against the terms of this license to have a license installed on more than one (1) working laptop and we reserve the right to deny giving out replacement licenses to anyone we feel may be violating these terms.

Do NOT install your PRO License on a Desktop computer as the PRO features (datalogging) will do you no good on a desktop computer and this will be a waste of one license. Replacement licenses can only be given once every thirty (30) days and no sooner, so please install PRO licenses on laptops that are going to last at least that long.

Some more notes on Crome....

Some Notes About Gold ROM Features

Electronic Boost Control

- This feature uses a Pulse Width Modulator function in order to control a boost control solenoid. You may use any BC solenoid as long as it can react fast enough. It is recommended to use 10Hz for the pulse frequency and you may go as high as 15Hz. Anything more than that is untested.

- The EBC functions like most commercial EBCs that use a Gain/Duty setup. Gain indicates what boost level you want the EBC to begin activating (usually set up to your wastegate spring's value). You simply apply more DC for more boost. Keep track of the solenoid's performance and enter the values under the 'Solenoid Performance' table. Once you have the table filled you can then use the variable boost mode by simply entering the target boost you want per gear. The DC values are then obtained from the 'Solenoid Performance' table. IMPORTANT: Make sure you keep the psi values in the 'Solenoid Performance' table increasing (or decreasing however you have it setup) so that the lookup function doesn't fail and give you the wrong DC.

- To those who are wondering why the EGR output is not an option in the EBC, the reason is that the EGR output is a dedicated output from the processor and pretty much locks you into that output if you want to use id for PWM. The Gold ROM EBC allows for almost all other outputs to be used for the boost controller. A good example is to use the AC output especially since there is wiring for the AC already routed to the front for most vehicles.

System Events

- This feature is pretty much a general purpose I/O controller to be used for such things as nitrous control, boost control, or as an alternative to dual map mode (apply fuel and ignition corrections for different fuel modes).

O2 Control

- This feature allows for fine tuning the ECUs closed loop functions. Set your load and TPS thresholds for when you want closed loop to disable as well as set the fuel correction limits.

- When using the wideband O2 mode, you can either set a fixed target voltage for simple closed loop operation or use a variable targeting system which uses the lambda tables to manipulate the target voltage based on load and rpm. The latter (when set up properly), can actually be used as a full-time close loop system since you can more accurately set your targets than in the fixed mode. For example, you can use it to give you better gas mileage while also making sure you don't lean out on high boost.

I hope this sheds some light on the Gold ROM features.