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Clevite D16 Bearing Kit



Collections: Clevite, Engine

Vendor: Clevite

Tags: Bearings, D-Series, Engine, Honda



Xenocron Tuning is proud to be carrying these Clevite bearing sets. Each set includes main bearings, rod bearings, and thrust washers. All sets are standard size, please contact us if you need bearings for an under-cut crank.

These bearings are Clevite "P" bearings. These are steel backed bearings with an intermediate layer of copper-lead alloy and an electroplated lead-tincopper overlay.

Part numbers included in this kit:

Rod bearings: CB-1461P

Main Bearings: MS-1804P

Thrust Washer: TW-473S

***While we strive to keep these sets in stock at all times, please contact us to make sure the particular set you need is in stock.***