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Chipped OBD1 Non-VTEC ECU



Collections: ECUs and Electronics, Xenocron

Vendor: Xenocron

Tags: ECU, Honda, OBD1 Tuning





Non-VTEC OBD1 Honda ECU (PR4/P06/P75 Equivalent)

  • Chipped and ready to go for Uberdata, Crome, Neptune, Hondata
  • All ECUs Professionally chipped and tested before being shipped
  • Comes chipped with a ZIF socket, datalogging header and a custom basemap burned to a reburnable SST chip.

***Note: an ecu chipped for S300 does NOT come with the board itself, it is simply chipped in the proper fashion to accept a Hondata S300 unit. You must have your own S300 board. If you need to purchase an S300 or any other Hondata product, please see our Hondata Products page.***

If choosing for us to make you a BASEMAP, INCLUDE THESE DETAILS IN THE COMMENTS BOX as you checkout:

  • - Engine
  • - Injector Size
  • - Map Sensor Used
  • - Turbo or N/A
  • - Exhaust Setup
  • - Intercooler
  • - Turbo
  • - Year & Model of the car this will be going into
  • - any other pertinent info for this basemap

***I recommend Basemaps ONLY be made for stock Honda map sensors. Larger map sensors should be setup by your tuner at the time of your tuning for safety. Chip used for basemaps is SST

Basemaps are mathematically calculated maps and settings for a large number of possible variables and every one will run differently in a variety of cars even if running similar or identical setups. Basemaps are designed to basically run your vehicle well enough to get it to a tuner. I cannot guarantee anything about the operation or safety of running a basemap in your vehicle. Please have your vehicle tuned by a professional for optimal safety and performance.