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BURN2 USB Chip Burner




Collections: Chipping, Moates

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Vendor: Moates

Tags: Chipping, Honda



The Burn2 has all the functionality of the Burn1 but is smaller and uses a mini-USB cable. The new "heartbeat" LED light lets you know whether a chip is in the burner and if it is positioned in the correct direction.

Most commonly used with Crome, Crome PRO, eCtune, Neptune, Hondata, TurboEdit, BRE (Ben Ogle\'s ROM Editor), Uberdata, & Tuner PRO

USB Chip Programmer works with the AT29C256, 27SF512, and AM29F040 chips. Self-powered from the USB port, so no power adapter is needed! Burner can also be used to read stock GM memcals using the HDR1 adapter. While it will only program the three types of chips listed, please note that those three chips can be used as drop-in replacements for most EFI applications. Comes with stand-alone chip programming software (available for download). Also compatible with TunerPro RT. Will read most stock-style chips (2732A, 27C128/256/512/etc).