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Axialflow Engineering S2000 Shifter





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Vendor: Axialflow Engineering

Tags: F-Series S2K, Honda, Shifters



Axialflow 2000+ Honda S2000 Shift Kit

The Axialflow Engineering Shifter is the best made anywhere by anyone. Typical construction is 303 stainless steel shafts, machined in house on modern CNC equipment. Attached components are of like materials. Polymer parts are typically CNC machined from DuPont Delrin, an engineering polymer. Pivot pins are hardened to 60 on the Rockwell C scale. The engineering is aimed at optimizing the geometry for the shortest shift practical for road driving. AxialFlow concentrates on the "feel" or "quality" of the movement. Typically there is a reduction in the height of the knob for a better ergonomic relationship with the driver. The factory has to make compromises for the driver who is really not the sports type. We cater to the small segment who are looking for a real relationship with their car. It is hard to express the accuracy of placement and if you track your car this means better times.

Don't be fooled by the knock-offs on EBay... You can't duplicate the "feel" of the AFE shifter with these Chinese take off's that are offered out there. They may reduce the stroke a like amount, but they can't connect you to the gearbox without a solid shaft and hi-tech materials. All US materials CNC'd to aircraft tolerances.


* Reduce gear stick throw by 29% (compared to stock).

* Reduces the time it takes you to change gears, improving your driving performance.

* Improves "feel" of the gearbox, reducing the chance of missed shifts.

* New improvements for boot retention.

Please read this DIY Instruction Link for more information.