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ASP K-Shift Plate With Stage Brake Location



Collections: ASP Headers, Brakes

Vendor: ASP Headers

Tags: Brakes, K-Series, Shifters



ASP Headers K series shift plate with staging brake location designed for K-swaps. Makes for easy install of shifter box. Fits the Wilwood 340-14769K and CNC 402 staging Brake with reservoir. Also fits the CNC 412 staging brake when the ASP CNC 412 Adapter Plate is used. For ef/eg/dc2 and ek chassis. Works with stock RSX (DC5) shifter box or aftermarket shift boxes, including K-Tuned billet shifter boxes.


***Optional Parking Lock Arm which keeps the vehicle in park without having to put it into gear. Used in combination with the CNC stage brake or the BWR staging brake.