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ALDU1 XtremeALDL USB-to-ALDL Converter



Collections: Moates

Vendor: Moates

Tags: GM



Does not work by itself, needs the CABL1 or CABL2 to work!

USB-based ALDL converter box. Goes between your PC and a CABL1 or CABL2. Works great, unlike most USB/Serial converters. Goes straight from USB to ALDL. Does NOT work with a serial port. Compatible with all the popular programs in Windows (TunerProRT, DataMaster, TunerCat, EFILiveV4/OBD1, WinALDL). Will do 160-baud and 8192-baud communication. Not for use with the 'Moates' ECM852 software or other DOS-based programs. Self-powered via USB, and it has a built-in switch to select mode (10k or Open) for the A-B pins.

Comes with a 6-ft USB cable, but requires either the CABL1 or CABL2 for connection to the car, depending on your application. The RJ-type-looking connector you see in the picture is for the New-Style CABL1 and CABL2, and it is not a standard RJ-type connector. It is also NOT compatible with the old-style AutoXray type cables.