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AIM Solo2




Solo 2
the most precise and easy way to get lap times
The new Solo 2 receives the data from two satellites constellations, GPS and Glonass: this is a huge step forward since it is unbelievably faster and more precise than the previous version and the lap times are calculated within a maximum gap not higher than 2/100 sec.
Find your track easily and quickly
Solo 2 can rely on a database of more than 2,000 tracks all over the world: as soon as it switches on, Solo 2 identifies its position, recognizes the starting line coordinates of the track and starts sampling lap times.
In case the track is not in the database, no problem: Solo 2 realizes it and switches to learning mode, automatically understands the characteristics of the track and gives the lap time anyway.
Data recall on screen
At the end of your test,
you can quickly review
all the key information on your display.
Wi-Fi communication with the PC
Wi-Fi connection: easy, fast, without
connectors nor cables: the best way
to configure your Solo 2, to manage
the track database, to download
the data to your PC.