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AEM Plug-N-Pin Kit for EMS 30-1010, 1012, 1020, 1050's, 1052's &



Collections: AEM Electronics, ECUs and Electronics

Vendor: AEM

Tags: Electronics



Plug-N-Pin kit for EMS 30-1010, 1012, 1020, 6050's, 6052's & 6060's. If you are planning to re-wire your harness, create a new harness, or using an EMS as a universal EMS, you may want to think about picking up our plug and pin kit. It allows you to "start over" with your harness with new plugs and pins. This kit comes with 4 plugs and all the pins you will need to re-wire the harness to the EMS if you wanted to create a new harness or replace your existing factory harness with the same OEM quality plugs and pins.

AEM part number:35-2610