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AEM EMS-4 Universal Standalone Engine Management System



Collections: AEM Electronics, ECUs and Electronics

Vendor: AEM

Tags: ECU, Standalone ECU



AEM’s EMS-4 Universal Standalone Programmable Engine Management System is the ideal standalone Engine Management System for modified Powersports and four-cylinder race car applications. The EMS-4 was created using AEM's powerful Series 2 hardware and includes all of its advanced features without the unneeded ancillary components.

If you have modified your four-cylinder Powersports application beyond the factory ECU’s ability to control engine operation, or have a 4-cylinder race vehicle that does not require some of the advanced hardware features of an AEM Series 2 Plug & Play System, AEM’s EMS-4 provides complete engine control for the maximum power and reliability.

AEM’s EMS-4 provides complete engine control for small engines with up to 4 cylinders. The unit includes a 36-pin connetor that is specifically designed to operate in harsh environments. It is completely sealed and weather/shock proof, allowing it to be mounted anywhere. The EMS-4 works with MAG or HALL crank inputs and can directly drive smart coils or an external ignitor such as AEM’s 4-Channel Coil Driver (part # 30-2840).

Weather/Shock Proof Enclosure 36-Pin Connector specifically designed to operate in harsh environments

Injector/ Coil Outputs
Injector Outputs (8 ohm minimum, High Impedance Only) 4 Saturated
Coil Triggers 0-5V Falling Edge Fire (Do not connect to coil primary) 4
Timing Sensor Inputs
VR (Mag) Cam Input 1
VR (Mag) Crank Input 1
Hall VSS Input 1
Hall Crank Input 1
Hall Cam Input 1
GPIO - 1.5A Low Side Output / 0-5V Analog Input / Switch Input 4
GPIO - 1.5A Low Side Output / 0-5V Analog Input / PWM Output 4
O2 Sensor Input 0-5V Analog 1
Knock Sensor Input Programmable 1
Throttle Position Sensor Input 0-5V 1
Manifold Pressure Sensor Input 0-5V 1
Coolant Temperature Sensor Input 0-5V 1
Inlet Air Temperature Sensor Input 0-5V 1
Sensor Ground 1
5 Volt Reference 1
USB comms Yes
Communication cables included Yes
Fully enabled editing/logging software included Yes
CAN bus equipped with Programmable Send / Receive Yes
CAN data stream output 32 ch
DATA Acquisition
Internal data logging 8 MB
Maximum internal logging rate (per channel) 125 Hz
PC logging Yes
Data analysis using AEMLog Yes
Functions and Features
User adjustable knock sensor center frequency Yes
Individual cylinder ignition trims Yes
Individual cylinder fuel trims Yes
High/Low speed fuel pump support Yes
All channels/maps/tuning options unlocked Yes
Boost control Yes
Groundspeed based boost target Yes
Nitrous injection Yes
Staged injection Yes
Ground speed limiting Yes
Rate of Acceleration Control Yes
Overrun boost enhancement (anti-lag) Yes
Gear change ignition cut (shift-without-lift) Yes
Password protected calibrations Yes
Fuel & Ignition rev limiters Yes
"In cockpit" global fuel trim capability Yes
Gear dependent shift light Yes
Evap/Purge function Yes
Software definable "virtual" switch inputs Yes
EGT Based fuel trims (additional hardware needed) Yes
Maximum boost limit None
Physical Dimensions
Length 120 mm
Width 114 mm
Height 35 mm
Finish Black

AEM’s EMS-4 Universal Programmable Engine Management System is legal in California only for racing vehicles which may never be used upon a highway.

Use this system with EXTREME caution! The AEM EMS System allows for total flexibility in engine tuning, however misuse of this product can lead to major engine/vehicle damage. If you are not well versed in engine dynamics and the tuning of management systems or are not PC literate, please do not attempt installation/tuning of this product.