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AEM 12 Position Universal Rotary Trim Pot




A tweak here and a trim there—AEM universal trim pots will shape your engine's efficiency for performance. These 12-position trim pots can be used with virtually any engine management system to adjust a number of trims … from fuel and ignition timing to boost and more. Included in each pack is the 12-position trim pot with flying lead that has 12 in. insulated, color-coded wires, two brushed silver trim position decals with ranges from -5 to +6 and 0 to +11, and knob decals.

AEM trim pot specifications:

  • Total resistance: 14.3KO
  • Cycles minimum: 10,000
  • Positions: 12
  • Degree rotation: 330
  • Mounting: 3/8 in. hole
  • Jam nut: 1/2 in. hex
  • Knob set screw: 1/16 in. Allen
  • Supply current: 5 Vdc