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ACL RACE Rod Bearings - Honda




ACL RACE rod bearings have been the standard in the import world for many years. Xenocron tuning is happy to have a good amount of ACL bearings on hand, but feel free to contact us to check our stock as these bearings go fast...

This item is a set of STANDARD SIZE rod bearings only, main bearings and thrust washers are available separately.

If you need bearings for any other applications feel free to contact us.

Available HONDA/ACURA part numbers:

4B1946H - B16A2, B17A1, B18A1/B18B2
4B1925H - B18C1 VTEC, B18C5 VTEC
4B1972H - K20A2/K24A
4B1912H - F20C/F22C
4B1956H - D16A/D16Z

Adding "X" at the end of the part # signifies Extra Clearance bearings