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ACL B-series High Performance Oil Pump




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Oil pumps are designed with high output and volume capabilities required for high RPM performance engines. The gerotors are precision machined from steel-copper alloy (FC0205), an exceptionally durable metal that assures dependability and durability. Tight housing and gerotor tolerances provide optimum pressure and flow requirements. Housings are die cast DC-12 aluminum and are anodized to prevent corrosion. All pumps are individually inspected and tested.

Oil Pump Features:

  • Die cast ADC-12 anodized aluminum for added strength and reduced weight
  • Tight tolerances for optimum pressure and flow
  • Steel copper alloy (FCO205) gerotors assure dependable service and reliability
  • Pump has brand new crank seal and O-Ring installed
  • Has the provision for Crank Position sensors so the pump will work on all B-Series engines OBD1 & OBD2