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4Piston K20 / K24 Ported Type S Oil Pump



Collections: 4 Piston, Engine

Vendor: 4 Piston

Tags: Els PW 15226, Engine, Honda, K-Series, Oil Pumps



The 4Piston K Series oil pump is a great piece for up to 9,000 rpm continuous duty. Past that, there can be cavitation issues. Our ported Type S K20 oil pump will allow continuous use above 9,000 rpm, and we have run the pump as high as 11,300 rpm with great success. We start with a brand new OEM oil pump from Honda, disassemble and port and notch for K24 fitment. The 4Piston K24 pump is then cleaned, oiled, and reassembled.

FITS K20 and K24 Engines!