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Xenocron 4 Bar MAP sensor (GM Style)




The PERFECT upgrade for those who already have the GM 3 bar and want to run more boost!!!

Xenocron Tuning Solutions is pleased to introduce a new 4 bar MAP sensor with a GM-style case. The case and the clip for this sensor are the same as the very popular GM 3 bar. What this will allow you to do is put one of these new sensors in place of a GM 3 bar in order to run more boost (with proper tuning of course).

If you do not already have the GM 3 bar, this sensor still is a very good choice for anyone looking to run large amounts of boost. This sensor has a very sturdy case that is easily mounted, and it comes with a clip and leads for an easy, straightforward installation.

To make things even better, it uses the same calibration as the popular Omni/Hondata/Xenocron 4 bar sensors. Many tuning programs already have this sensor as an option, making setup a breeze.

Feel free to call or email us with any questions you may have regarding this new sensor.