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Tuning - Dyno, Remote, E-Tuning and Travel (Pricing and Instructions)

Dyno Tuning

Our speciality is Honda/Acura Engine Tuning using the proper equipment, methods and software to provide peak performance and reliability to achieve the most enjoyment out of your entire setup. I am EFI University Certified and whether you are looking for pure raw power, every day driveability with that little extra 'umph' or you are looking for better fuel economy we have the experience to guide you and help you fine tune your setup. While we traditionally specialize in Honda and Acura builds, we have the experience and ability to assist you with any tuning project you would like to challenge us with, please contact us to speak with us about your project today!

Currently we have the ability to tune Neptune (chip), Neptune RTP/Demon, Hondata (S100, S300, KPRO, FlashPRO), AEM EMS V2 and AEM Infinity, Haltech, Motec, EFI Live, HP Tuners, UpREV, Accel DFI, FAST, Hydra, Megasquirt, and Power Commander systems. We stock most of the hardware and fuel management supplies these systems need to function efficiently and we have seen most every problem that comes about when building radically different combinations of parts to help you troubleshoot and eliminate problems before and after they arise.

We offer flat rate tuning prices for most of the common tuning systems we deal with as well as hourly rates for dyno rental, retuning or switching of fuels during the same dyno session.

We also offer one-on-one tuner training through in-person consultation.

Please use the Contact Us section of the website or send an email to TUNING -AT- to inquire.

Remote Tuning

For those customers outside of our immediate area, we are offer remote tuning options for select Engine Management Systems and Applications. We reserve the right to limit these services to ECUs or engine combinations we are most comfortably familiar with as tuning an engine without your tuner being present can come with significant risks and limitations. Please review the link below with our policies, instructions and pricing and contact with any questions or to setup your remote tune.

Remote Tuning Pricing and Agreement


E-Tuning" or EMail Tuning Service provided by Xenocron will be for a select set of engine management systems listed below. This list will grow as we add more systems.

Our E-Tuning service will focus on SAFETY and DRIVEABILITY using logs you will send us taken by the engine management system you are using. Once you purchase our service we will be partners in making sure your vehicle, runs, drives and is safe! As we always promote, for the ultimate in PERFORMANCE and RELIABILITY, you will still be recommended to receive a complete dyno tune done by a local competent tuner near you or receive a discount off dyno tuning if you eventually bring your car to our state of the art facility for a complete dyno tune.

Once you place your order for E-Tuning, you will receive an email with a list of details we need from you to get started with the process. We aim to reply within 24 hours in almost all cases on business days (Monday through Friday, 9am - 5:30pm EST) and revisions are done on a first come, first serve basis. The E-Tuning process can be time consuming and relies heavily on the end user to give us accurate information and correct logs for the situations in which we ask you to drive.

If you have any questions or concerns, please ask them BEFORE placing an order!

Systems we currently E-Tune
  • Hondata FlashPRO
  • Hondata KPRO
  • Hondata S300
  • KTUNER End User System (in-ECU)
  • Neptune RTP Engine Management
For info on the following systems, please email or call
  • MoTeC M8xx
  • MoTeC M1 Series ECUs
  • Haltech Platinum Series ECUs and Pro Plugins
  • Haltech ELITE Series ECUs and Applications
Special Notes:
  • E-Tuning is for ONE Vehicle on ONE Fuel where all parts are installed and mechanically sound. If you change any of these variables, a new service or perhaps an additional fee will be needed.
  • A vehicle or engine that has mechanical issues, cannot be tuned! Most scenarios that you BELIEVE are a tuning issue, are more that likely a mechanical or electrical issue. If I believe it is unsafe to continue tuning, I will ask you to fix any problems before we continue or to bring them to a qualified performance shop or repair facility and there MAY be an extra charge for this based on time wasted chasing a problem that was not tuning related.
  • If you are an impatient person, do not purchase this service and IMMEDIATELY book an appointment with your local qualified dyno tuner. This will significantly speed up the process of having your car tuned and I am a huge proponent of having your car tuned on a dyno! The E-Tuning process will take time and we will need to work together and you will need to have patience during that process for the outcome to be the most successful.

Travel Tuning

In some cases we will also travel to you.  We have done this for private individuals and shops alike.  If you are interested in this, please contact us!


2019 Standard Flat Rate - Dyno Tuning Flat Rate Prices for Honda Applications

You must order your deposit on the website FIRST, before booking any date! When you receive your confirmation email, please READ if thoroughly and PRINT out the agreement, fill them out ahead of time and bring with you to your appointment.

  • ***Any stock Honda ECU BOLT ONS ONLY car with stock injectors, stock MAP/MAF with basic bolt-ons - $400
  • Hondata S300 - $500 All Motor / $600 Turbo ($50 off tuning if you purchased the system from Xenocron previously)
  • Hondata KPRO/FlashPRO - $500 All Motor / Turbo $600 ($50 off tuning if you purchased the system from Xenocron previously)
  • Hondata DEALER FlashPRO (no hardware required by customer - $850 All Motor / $950 Turbo (Available on ANY Flash Based cars that Hondata FlashPRO supports. See Hondata website or call us with any questions prior to booking)
  • Neptune OBD1 Chip Tuning - $575.00 All Motor / $675 Turbo ($75 chip license included in price)
  • Neptune RTP/Demon - $500.00 All Motor / $600 Turbo ($50 off tuning price if you purchase the hardware from us, can be setup on the day of tuning)
  • KTUNER in-ECU or FLASH - $500.00 All Motor / $600 Turbo ($50 off tuning price if you purchase the hardware from us, can be setup on the day of tuning)
  • KTUNER DEALER IN-Ecu or DEALER Flash (no hardware required by customer - $795 All Motor / $895 Turbo (Available on ANY Flash Based cars that KTUNER supports. See KTUNER website or call us with any questions prior to booking)
  • Aftermarket Standalones (Haltech Elite/Platinum, AEM V2, AEM Infinity, Megasquirt) - Starts at $600+, please contact us with your setup information prior to booking as this may require a special appointment
  • Any other Engine Management or System, please call 845-504-5340 or email for a Quote/Availability

  • ***Bolt On only cars are basic in every manner. Nothing custom, no cams, no special fuels, no swaps, BASIC BASIC BASIC. If you question whether your car falls into this category it probably does not. Bolt On only cars should take 2 hours or less and will not have any issues. Please call or email if you have any questions on this BEFORE booking your appointment.