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ECU Chipping Service




Collections: ECUs and Electronics, Services, Xenocron

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Vendor: Xenocron

Tags: Electronics, Honda, Services



This is a service for sending in your stock OBD1 ECU for chipping. Once placed, we will hold onto your order until your ECU arrives and match it up so please put a copy of your order inside the box with the ECU when you send it in to us.


  • All chipping parts, ZIF socket and (1) reburnable eprom
  • Labor for installing components and testing of your completed ECU on the bench.  We test every ECU before it leaves for function (we do not test them before we chip them, we assume all are 100% working).
  • (1) Basemap chip on the included reburnable eprom chip (please include basemap specs with your ECU, and also in the comments box during the check out process)

When sending in your order, INCLUDE THESE DETAILS IN THE COMMENTS BOX as you checkout or your order will be delayed:

  • Engine (engine Code, Size, and specific internal work)
  • Injector Size & Brand
  • Map Sensor Used
  • Turbo, SC or N/A
  • Exhaust Setup (Header & Exhaust Size)
  • Turbo Model & Specs
  • Year & Model of the car this will be going into
  • ECU Code this will be placed into
  • any other pertinent info for this basemap

Please use the following link for instructions on sending in your ECU with a copy of your order/payment:  Please use tracking and insurance in both cases.