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OBD0 to OBD1 Conversion Parts Package




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Are you fed up with OBD0? Looking to upgrade to an OBD1 ecu to be able to run the latest OBD1 tuning software?

If you own a 88-91 Civic/CRX or a 90-91 Integra and are looking to convert to an OBD1 ecu then this package is for you.

This savings package contains the following parts at a discounted rate:

Chipped OBD1 ECU with basemap chip (VTEC ECU optional)

OBD0->OBD1 ECU jumper harness

OBD1 distributor (100% NEW, not re-manufactured)

OBD0->OBD1 distributor jumper harness

There is some wiring required to install the ECU jumper harness, instructions can be found HERE.

Please research or call in to determine what distributor you need before you place your order. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

When you place your order, please include the details of your setup in the Comments section (what motor, injectors, map sensor, etc) so we can make your basemap chip. If you need this ecu to have IAB control, please mention this as well.

***If you have an OBD0 DOHC ZC motor please be aware that you may need to do additional work/wiring to convert to OBD1 due to the difference in cam sensor locations.***

***While we almost always have ecus and conversion harnesses in stock, at times we may not have all of these distributors in stock. We reserve the right to either drop ship the distributor from the manufacturer or hold your order until we are able to send the entire order as one shipment. If you are ordering this package and need it quickly, please contact us BEFORE placing your order to determine if we have what you need in stock. ***