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Custom Basemap File






Choose this product if you want a basemap created with CROME Free (OBD1) or TurboEdit/BRE (OBD0) that is to be EMAILED to you ONLY. No extra chip will be supplied, included or mailed to you with the purchase of this item.


When placing your order online, please include the following detailed information in the COMMENTS BOX as you checkout:
- Engine Code & Build Details
- Injector Size & Brand
- Map Sensor Used
- Turbo, SC or N/A
- Exhaust Setup
- Turbo Model & Specs
- Year & Model of the car this will be going into
- any other pertinent info for this basemap

There are limited sensors I can disable.  Call or email first if you have questions.  Any sensors you ask for that I cannot disable will simply be ignored and we are unable to warn you of this after you place an order.

***I recommend Basemaps ONLY be made for stock Honda map sensors. Larger map sensors should be setup by your tuner at the time of your tuning for safety. There will be a boost cut set on your basemap file.

Please allow 24-72 hours for you to receive your file. Basemaps are mathematically calculated maps and settings for a large number of possible variables and every one will run differently in a variety of cars even if running similar or identical setups. Basemaps are designed to basically run your vehicle well enough to get it to a tuner. I cannot guarantee anything about the operation or safety of running a basemap in your vehicle. Please have your vehicle tuned by a professional for optimal safety and performance.

Basemap Files are only made with CROME (OBD1), TurboEdit (OBD0 non vtec) or BRE (OBD0 Vtec).  If you need a file for another system, please see our additional services.