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Xenocron Motorsports Racer Program

There is a lot of chatter in the industry about what is going on.  I have been involved in many discussions and while I do not have an exact stance I just want to throw out there, I do believe it is important to consider all outcomes, status quos or even drastic changes that may be ahead.

We do our best to stay ahead of the curve here at Xenocron, we think years in advance and not weeks but recent events have really throw us for a loop.  If you do not know what I am talking about, then you will be as surprised as I was to read all of these cases on the following link:

Read those all carefully, then JOIN SEMA or PRI as a paid member, and if you have a friend or family member in the legal field or even already know a good attorney, get with them, NOW.  Not tomorrow....not next week, NOW.

With all of that, this Blog Post is about what we are doing to change with the changing tides.  We have started a Motorsports Racer Verification Program which essentially is us doing our utmost due diligence to make certain that the parts we sell that may possible change vehicle emissions or could violate the clean air act are only making their way on to vehicles that are TRACK/MOTORSPORTS only vehicles and never driven on the road.

We hope this program grows, and while we feel that other organizations should be doing this already, we hope manufacturers, racing organizations, competitors and the like all do similar in nature to help save our industry.

To read about our program and to apply to be a RACER in our eyes and to be able to purchase racing only products from our website, click the following link and read the instructions and apply online.  As simple as we can possibly make it....hopefully.

Xenocron's Motorsport Racer Program

Also please make sure you SUPPORT THE RPM ACT and reach out to your local elected officials and tell them you will not be voting for them in any upcoming elections unless they support this bill, because its important to a lot of people and businesses you know, and its important to YOU!

Thank You!

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